Effects of demon practice

After having done the demon feeding practice for a few days, I notice how the effects tend to manifest. Mainly, there is a shift from taking stories as true (even just slightly) to holding them much more lightly, and from reactive emotions to a sense of relaxation and nurturing fullness. It is a very visceral practice, and the effects tends to be visceral – deeply and fully felt in the body – as well.

It seems that where The Work helps me find what is more true for me, which often creates a very noticeable shift in me (at all levels), the demon work releases emotional attachments (by feeding the need behind them) which in turn invites stories to release.

The Work first releases stories from being taken as true, which then releases emotional attachments. And demon work releases emotional attachments, which then invites a release of related stories from being taken as true.

In both cases, there is often a noticeable shift through all of me – bodily, energetically, emotionally and in view. Most of the time, it is a gentle shift, but sometimes it is to the point where I don’t quite recognize my experience of myself afterwards. Everything has shifted. This doesn’t happens so often anymore, but when I hit on the occasional big knot, it does.

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