demon feeding and similarities with other practices

There are several similarities between the demon feeding practice and other practices…

In tong len, I receive the confusion and suffering of others, and give them clarity and a sense of being loved. In demon feeding practice, I take on the role of the demon, and then feed it what it needs. In both cases, I find in myself what I see in others and don’t like, and I give away what is most previous to me.

In simple prayer and well-wishing for others, I visualize them receiving everything they want and need, and that is the same in the demon practice. I visualize the demon receiving exactly what it needs until there is a completion.

I allow experience as it is. I see it, feel it, and invite in a kindness and love for it. In feeding demons, I see it, hear it, feel it (from its perspective, from the inside), and invite in love for it.

In the Big Mind process, I interact with subpersonalities. In feeding demons, I ask it what it wants, needs, how it feels when it receives what it needs, and also if it would like (is ready) to be fed.

Also in the Big Mind process, I hold my human self or subpersonalities within Big Heart, inviting these beings to reorganize within the love of Big Heart. When I feed demons, the same love flows into them allowing them to reorganize in however way they need.

Initial draft…

In tong len, I take in what I see in others and don’t like (confusion, suffering, contraction) so I can find it in myself, and I give away what I like (clarity, compassion, relaxation). In the demon feeding practice, I take on the role of the demon (finding its qualities in myself) and feed and give away to the demon what it needs (kindness, being seen, safety, etc.). In both cases, there is a combination of shadow work (finding in myself what I see out there and don’t like), and generosity (well wishing and giving away what is most precious to me).

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