Aspects of demon feeding

A draft that didn’t go further… (too many points to flesh out!

Here are a few things I have found by exploring feeding a few demons recently…

Initial outline…

  • Milarepa’s demons
    • demons invaded his cave, ate his food, read his books, logged into his email, played his xBox, told his kids to create mayhem, flirted with his wife (we’ll, they would if he had lived today anyway.)
    • his process
      • asked them to leave (resist, see as bad/evil/undesirable)
      • taught/dharma combat (internal dialog, arguments both ways)
      • welcome, as is (allow/be with the experience)
      • feed, give what needs the most (and give what we take as most previous, and think we need to keep for ourselves)
        • give kindness, love
    • his demons are all our demons
      • obsessions, cravings, compulsions – in any area of life
      • any belief create demons
        • its shadow, which we feel we need to protect ourselves against (protect ourselves against the truth in its reversals, and the limitedness of the truth of our initial position)
        • compulsions
        • rigid view, closed heart, reactive emotions (if the belief, and the role it creates, is threatened, challenged)
  • process
    • steps
      • identify the demon
      • become/take the role of the demon
        • feel it from the inside of the demon, from that perspective
        • visceral, felt sense + valuable information from its perspective
      • feed the demon
        • become what it needs the most
        • infinite supply, the more you give the more is available
      • find ally
      • dissolve into/as space
    • demons
      • can do it with obvious inner demons
      • can also do it with any demon in our life (they all mirror something here now)
        • people in our life or the world
        • fictional characters from stories, books, movies, mythology
        • dream characters
        • nature (storms, floods, earthquakes)
        • anything else that appear as a demon to us in our life
    • can do it on ones own, or facilitate another
  • Similar to Big Mind process, tong-len, The Work, and many other practices. Very visceral, more than any of the others. (Apart from maybe tong-len.)
    • three centers
      • head=information through dialog
      • heart=kindness, compassion
      • belly=visceral, felt sense (of being the demon and the nectar, and feeding the demon)
    • tong len
      • give and take
      • give nectar, the best you can imagine (give yourself, as nectar – two in one)
      • take the demon qualities, imagine yourself as the demon (and nectar, and yourself, and space)
    • big mind process
      • role playing, explore different aspect of your human self (demon, shadow) + transcendent aspects (nectar, space/bm)
      • dialog w. demon, receive information
    • the work
      • listen to the demon (question 3, who I am when I believe that thought)
      • find what you are without the belief (how it feels when demon gets what it needs + space)
      • feed the demon (turnarounds, how the reverse of the initial belief is equally or more true)
    • allowing/being with experience
      • welcome the demon, listen to it
      • feed it what it really needs, relate to it with kindness, love
    • compact
      • find yourself as your human self, the demon (shadow), the nectar, and space
      • Take (become, find yourself as) what you least want, give away (nectar) what you least want

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