Feeding Your Demons: Ancient wisdom for resolving inner conflict

I have read about half of Feeding Your Demons: Ancient Wisdom for Resolving Inner Conflict by Tsultrim Allione, and am as impressed by the book as I am by the practice. It is beautifully written, simple, insightful and always very practical and helpful.

The five steps of the practice itself is outlined at her Kapala Training website.

4 thoughts to “Feeding Your Demons: Ancient wisdom for resolving inner conflict”

  1. That’s weird. I’ve met her and her crowd of followers at Buddhist gatherings before. They, literally, made my skin crawl. Without even knowing who she was initially, she came off rather badly and kind of like a cult leader.

  2. Thanks! I know hardly anything about her, apart from what she writes in the book, so I can’t really say anything about her in particular. And I can’t really say anything beyond the obvious: Sometimes we have to filter out and extract what seems useful from a teacher or teaching, and leave the rest. And if someone makes my skin crawl (which happens), I can explore what is going on and see if I can’t find it in myself. I may still chose to stay away from that person, but now at least from a little more clarity.

  3. I should say that what I wrote here is about the first half of the book, which I still think is very good.

    Much in the second half feels a little manipulative to me – with examples of how the practice can make diseases go away or your opponents turn around and agree with you…! Seems a little odd to see a Buddhist teacher take that approach.

    For me, it feels cleaner (and more comfortable) to stay in my business, which is how I relate to demons and the world in general. And stay out of life’s business, which includes whether diseases stay or not, and how people relate to me. (It is all really life’s business, but in this context it seems useful to differentiate the two.)

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