Galveston 1900

A documentary about the Galveston hurricane in 1900, which is not only relevant to events this weekend, but also to how many today relate to climate change (with astonishing hubris or indifference).

Although the analogy seems a little dramatic, a hurricane the size of Texas may be what is heading our way in terms of climate change and other ecological issues. (Flooding of coastal areas worldwide. Climate and environmental refugees. Environmental toxins in the air, soil, water and out bodies. Energy shortage/shifts. Ecological overshoot, using more resources than the Earth can replenish.)

With stakes so high, we cannot afford to not assume the worst and do what we can do minimize the impact and ease the transition as much as we can.

And this also requires us to speak up and point out the need for a sane prioritizing. For instance, is terrorism really as important as Bush and some others wants us to believe? It is of course something to be taken seriously, but it is also good to see it in a wider context.

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