How would I feel?

In the feeding your demons practice, we identify and take the role of a demon, find what we – as the demon – need (usually love, acceptance, safety), ask ourselves how we would feel after getting what we need, and then feed a nectar composed of just that to the demon.

This is something that can be done throughout daily life as well, in a shortened form.

I notice a craving, compulsion or desire and then ask myself how would I feel if I got that?

Then, is it true it is not already here? (An invitation to notice it here now, as is.)

And finally, if it seems helpful, I can give it to myself. I can give myself that love, acceptance, safety or whatever else it is the desire sought.

Following this I am free to seek it out – or not – in the outer world as well, although now less from a compulsive place and more from a relaxed clarity.

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