When we talk about liberation (in a Buddhist sense), what is really liberated?

Is there an “I” here liberated from something else?

When I look at it for myself, in own experience, I find that what is liberated is a story. A story is liberated from being taken as true. It is liberated from being identified with, and the drama that comes with that identification. It is liberated to be itself. Just a story. And sometimes with value as a practical tool for our human self to function in the world, but that is about it.

When stories are taken as true, certain (reactive) emotions are fueled. And these too can be liberated. Emotions can be liberated from my stories about them. (They should/shouldn’t be here. They mean that… I need to avoid, resist, seek out, try to keep them.) And emotions can be liberated from the stories that – when taken as true – trigger them. (The world should/shouldn’t… I should/shouldn’t…)

And in the same way, demons can be liberated. They can be liberated from my stories about them being taken as true. And they can be liberated from the stories that – when taken as true – create demons. (Any story, when taken as true, create demons. The truth in their reversals become demons. Anything that threaten the story – and what it appears to refer to (for instance this human self)  – becomes a demon to me.)

When stories are liberated, healing takes place at our human level. We are invited to grow up.

And when stories are liberated, it is easier for us to notice what we are. Identification is released out of content of awareness, so we are invited to notice ourselves as that which all experience happens within and as.

Initial outline….

  • easy to say “I am liberated from…” but a few assumptions in there that may not be entierly accurate
    • an “I” liberated from “other”
    • liberated – possible to be liberated from? What is there to get rid of and why?
  • can also talk about it as emotions liberated, or more to the point stories liberated
    • stories liberated from being taken as true
      • taken as true, identified with, caught up in drama and the dynamics that comes out of beliefs
      • liberated from all of that, free to be just a story
    • emotions liberated
      • liberated from stories about them, and all the drama created by those stories (when taken as true)
        • should/shouldn’t be there
        • resistance to it staying or going away
        • labels + what those mean
      • liberated from stories behind them (when reactive emotions, coming out of a belief)
        • not fueled by stories taken as true, and their clash with stories about what is
    • demons liberated
      • liberated from stories about them + the drama created from them
        • good/bad, desirable/undesirable
        • labels + what those mean
        • struggle, drama, resistance, trying to get rid of
      • liberated from the stories creating (the appearance of) them
        • any story, when taken as true, creates a demon
          • identification with a story
          • need to defend against the truths in its reversal + the limited truth in the original story
          • need to defend anything the “I” is anchored on (human self)
  • invites in growing up (healing, maturing) and waking up (noticing what we are)

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