Lying-down meditation

I am familiar with sitting meditation from my time at the Zen center, and also before and after that time. I have done quite a bit of moving meditation through tai chi and chi gong, and now Breema. And recently, it has been lying down meditation that has drawn my interest. It seems that each one has its own benefits.

Sitting practice, in my experience, is great for finding a very stable attention, shifting into samadhi, and for very detailed and specific inquiries into the dynamics of what is happening. I also find that it is easy for me to be a little tense and sometimes try a little too hard.

Moving meditation is great for shifting into Big Mind and see everything happening as Big Mind itself. The movements of this body and whatever is happening in the wider world happens within and as Big Mind. In some ways, the more this body moves, the easier it is to find myself as that which everything happens within and as, as that which is is free from, allows and manifests as movement.

Moving meditation is also helpful since it can be done any time in daily life, for instance while walking, making food, showering, typing at the computer or whatever else I am doing.

Lying-down meditation is great for letting go of effort and trying. I can find a deeply relaxed and stable attention. I can do inquiries in a relaxed way. And I can find myself as what I am in a relaxed way. The drawback is, of course, that it is easy to drift off into sleep, but I can notice even that as happening within and as what I am, and pick up where I left when I shift out of sleep again.

So sitting practice may be very helpful for precision and clarity, and I also find that I have a tendency to be a little tense and try a little too hard. Moving practice is great for shifting into and finding myself as Big Mind. And lying down meditation is helpful for doing any practice in a deeply relaxed way.

Shifting between all of these, I also find that there is a certain cross-fertilization happening. I can bring the clarity and precision of sitting practice into moving and lying meditation. I can bring the shift into Big Mind and awareness of the body from moving meditation into sitting and lying down meditation. I can bring the deep relaxation from lying meditation into sitting and moving practice.

And I can bring all of it into whatever I am doing in daily life, even if it is just in small ways.

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