The CSS practitioners group starts up again tonight, so it is good to remind myself why I am going…

  • I may get some useful (or at least interesting, entertaining) tips and pointers from the teachers, practitioners or the book we are using.
  • I may get something out of practices we explore together and individually.
  • I may find inspiration for own explorations.
  • It will trigger hangups in me, which I get to see and explore. (This sometimes seems to be the main reason!)
  • I may understand better where others are coming from, find the same in myself, and find some compassion for it.
  • It may be that something I share could be useful for someone else, one way or another. (Even if it happens just once, it is worth it.)

I can find all these stories and pointers for myself, but it all comes back to something very simple: Even in a conventional sense, I don’t really know why I am going – or do anything else for that matter. The real “reason” it – and anything – happens is beyond reasons anyone can put a story on.

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