I have been enjoying the simple prayer of Let Your will be done lately, throughout the day.

(I say it in my native language since that seems closer to my heart. And sometimes, the prayer is a little longer: Kjære Gud, la din vilje skje i Jesu Kristi navn, Amen.)

What is surrender? In this case, it seems to be a surrender of identification with stories.

A surrender of being caught up in stories, and having it appear that there is an “I” here at odds with the rest of the world.

As with so many other practices, that simple prayer – to the extent it is sincere and heartfelt – invites in a sweet surrender to what is. Receptivity. A more fluid view. A more open heart. A nurturing fullness. A sense of being home here now. A shift into allowing experience as it is, including any resistance to it. Noticing all as happening within and as the timeless present.

It is a surrender to noticing what is. To see that all is already God’s will, including whatever is happening to – and within – this human self.

It can be very simple. Sweet. No matter what is going on in this human life. (Such as headaches, congested airways and a construction project at the house gone awry!)

And within this surrender, my human self can function from a little more clarity.

Initial outline…

  • let your will be done
  • release identification out of stories
    • soften, willingness to release
    • fluid view, open heart, nurturing fullness, relaxed, at home, nurtured, less sense of I-Other (from rigid view, closed/ambivalent heart, reactive emotions, tension, I-Other split)
  • surrendering identification with stories (content of experience)
    • many ways into
      • let your will be done
      • shift into nonseeking mind, big mind, headlessness
      • allowing/being with experience

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