Ways of doing demon practice

There are five simple steps to feeding demons, and as I have explored it for myself, I have found a few tweaks that seem to work a little better for me…

When I shift into the role of the demon, I take some time to move and sound like it, to get a better feel for it. How does it feel to live as the demon? (I may just imagine it if I am in a public place!)

I also don’t discriminate in terms of how it should look. If it is a worm or rock or pond, that is fine with me. I can equally well dialog with them as with a being with arms and legs and a mouth.

Before feeding the demon, I find it helpful to ask if it would like to be fed. If it says no, I will just stop there and come back to it later. (Hasn’t happened yet.) It feels more respectful, and takes away the sense of “force feeding” that comes when feeding without asking first. In short, it helps me work with the dynamics of the process instead of against what is happening.

While feeding, I sometimes switch from being the nectar feeding the demon to the role of the demon being feed. It helps me feel it from the inside, the sense of being deeply nurtured to complete satisfaction.

In dialoging with the ally, I use different words. Mainly, I ask how it can help my human self in daily life, and how my human self can access it.

In general, it seems to work best to have the attitude of doing it for the sake of the demon. Here is a demon suffering, and I am in a position to feed it what it needs, so I do it for its sake. More specifically, I take responsibility for how I relate to the demon and how I live from the shift that happens when it is fed, and that is it. What happens otherwise is, luckily, life’s business – not mine. (There isn’t really such a division, but it is helpful to see it that way here.)

And finally, using the word “demon” sometimes seems a little too dramatic. I find it helpful to use the word disturber instead, and work with it the same way. Find where in the body I experience it. How it moves. What sounds it makes. What it looks like. And so on.

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