Awakening wants to go everywhere

When there is an awakening – either as a stable and clear Ground awakening or just a glimpse or thinner veils – it wants to go everywhere in our human life.

To put it another way: within this context of awakening, anything that is not aligned with awakening sticks out like a sore thumb and attention is drawn to it.

There is an invitation to be with and welcome any experience, to see/feel/love it as it is within form, and as emptiness itself. And there is an invitation to inquire into any story and see its limited truth within the context of stories, and that too as awakeness itself.

And as usual, to the extent this is resisted there is discomfort.

Initial draft…

  • awakening wants to go everywhere
    • all beliefs + emotional attachments
    • see, feel, love it all as awakeness itself, as God
  • process
    • working on stories/emotions within a stable awakening
    • working on beliefs/emotional attachments within a context of glimpse or thin veils

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