Feeling beliefs and emotional attachments, and welcoming the feeling of fear behind them

By doing The Work, it is often quite clear how any belief – any attachment to a story as true – comes from fear. It comes from fear, and fuels fear. And is really just another expression of (confused) love.

Right now, exploring meeting experience with a focus on how it feels in the body, I find something quite similar. Behind the body-sense feeling of a belief and emotional attachment is the feeling of fear. A low grade fear in the background, which – when resisted – moves into becoming a belief and an emotional attachment. It is a protection. A way to feel safe. And a way to avoid feeling and welcoming the fear.

When this fear is felt and welcomed, there is a sense of quiet release. Spaciousness. No need or impulse to move into beliefs and emotional attachments.

And it is all happening within feeling, which helps it sink into the body and make it “real” at that level.

Initial outline…

  • being with the feeling of an experience (notice where in the body it is felt, how it feels)
    • notice the feeling of a belief (fixed views, identifications) and emotional attachment
    • notice a fear behind/inside of it
      • when the fear is not met or welcomed, it fuels beliefs and emotional attachments (which in turn fuels the fear and resistance to the fear)
      • when the fear is met and welcomed, there is a sense of quiet release, spaciousness, and a release of the need to go into beliefs and emotional attachments

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