Double turnaround

I keep appreciating the simplicity and beauty of the double turnaround.

Someone says something about someone else. In my mind, I turn the statement around to themselves. And then to myself.

So I get to see that their advice is for themselves, and how perfect it is as advice for themselves. And I also get to find it in myself. I get to see how it is true for me.

The effect of this is a shift into receptivity, clarity and an open heart.

For instance, Sarah Palin says “Obama is friends with terrorists!”. How is that true for her? How is she friends with terrorists? Well, she uses fear to manipulate the actions of others, including when she says that “Obama is friends with terrorists”. She is using a terror tactic herself. (Also, the US government sometimes uses terror tactics towards their own citizens and other countries.)

And how it is true for me? Well, for one, I don’t mind befriending terrorists. I can find in myself what I see in them, so although I don’t support their strategies and would do whatever I can to stop a terrorist act if I got in such a situation, it happens within a context of “us”. Also, I can find in myself when I use terror tactics to achieve a goal. For instance, my mind may overdramatize a situation to get a certain effect, either in my own behavior or someone elses.

Or someone may compliment someone else, and I see how they are (also) describing themselves, and then find the same in myself as well.

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