Energy drawings

I got the inspiration to make some energy doodles last week. As usual, I don’t assume they reflect anything you would actually find in the energy system. (Although it could happen). Mostly, I take them as projections telling me something about where I am right now. (Even if they did reflect something actually going on energetically, they would still be important and useful as projections.)

What I mostly see in these is an emphasis on the luminous dark below the body. A velvety luminous blackness, seen through and in everything, centered in the body in the belly, inviting in a healing at the emotional level and a felt sense of all as God.

Above ground level: Brilliant luminosity, mostly yellow/gold with reds, and some orange, blue and green. Below ground level: Soft velvety luminous blackness. All lines go into the body.

(These drawings are from my journal, so the roman numerals are page numbers and the lines on the sides on some of the drawings separate them from writing.)

One thought to “Energy drawings”

  1. i love these things … im looking for a drawing that involves these keywords :
    existence , space , infinity , nothing , humanity

    got any ideas ?

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