Facets, paths and tools

Whenever I take a story as true, I make life much smaller than it is.

I identify as something within content of experience, so lose sight of what I am. (That which experience happens within and as.) I identify as something much smaller than what I am as a human being, so have to resist parts of who I am and live from a smaller pallete. I have an idea that I know how others – and life – should behave. And in all of this, I try to limit God.

So when it comes to growing and waking up, there is no need to assume that my limited experiences says anything about how it will be for me in the future, or how it should be for others.

I may have experiences with facets of what I am – such as emptiness and fullness and how it is lived through this human self. I may be familiar with awareness as a field with no center and no periphery, and how this human self functions in that content. I may have experiences with infinite love and how it is to live within and from it. I may be somewhat familiar with who I am at the soul level, with the alive presence, brilliance, luminous darkness, and so on. I may have practical insights into these things and much more.

Yet all of this comes from a very limited experience and just one path. There is no reason to assume that life is limited to this, and every reason to welcome a far richer terrain – and find a deep apprecation and gratitude for the diversity in how all of this is expressed through many different humans and their always unique paths.

One thought to “Facets, paths and tools”

  1. Thanks for this lovely pointer to greater openness and humility.

    I admit that this body-mind-story does sometimes adopt and take some comfort in the arrogant and limited stance that he has a superior understanding of reality – both relative and absolute – that is truer; more sweeping, more inclusive, more compassionate, more multidimensional, more allowing, less dualistic – than most apparent human beings.

    By Ken Wilbur’s reasoning it’s “superior.”

    But now, with your help, it appears a bit delusional – more like an attempt to tell God I understand Creation better than He does.

    I realize that what is, is relative perfection exactly the way it is, within the Absolute Perfection – the Innate Great Perfection as they say in Dzogchen – “the Void so void, it’s even void of voidness.” – God I love that quote from the late great Douglas H.

    Mea Culpa.

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