How do I relate to life?

As I relate to my human self, I relate to the wider world.

Or, I relate to life the same way whether it comes up in my human self or the wider world.

I can meet my own anger by picking up its energy and using it in a constructive way. I can allow and be with the experience of anger. Welcome it and allow it to be seen. Felt. Loved. As it is. For what it is. Even if it would always be here.

And the more familiar I am with this, the more this way of relating to it is available to me when I meet anger in others.

Also, how do I relate to apparently opposing energies or viewpoints? Do I automatically glom on to one and reject the other? Do I defend one? Try to make it appear right and the other wrong? Or can I hold both and see what comes out of it? Relate to them with curiosity and receptivity? Gentle and firm? Find the validity in each, and how they can both be facilitated within the same field?

The more I am familiar with it in myself, the more it is available to me when it comes up in the wider world.

This is just one of the many ways work on myself is – in a direct and immediate way – work in the world.

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