Another thing I keep noticing…

Liberation is really only a liberation of thoughts from being taken as true.

It is simple, but have many consequences.

When a thought is taken as true, there is a sense of I and Other, an opposition to reality, and creation of drama and stress. Nothing wrong about any of that, of course, but since it is uncomfortable, there will be an impulse to resolve the situation. And it is fun to explore the dynamics around it.

When a story is released from being taken as true, there is clarity and a freedom to use stories as practical tools only.

Of course, as more stories are released in this way, there are more glimpses of what we really are. And if they are all liberated, we find ourselves as that which all stories and all content of experience happens within and as. We find ourselves as the Ground of no-thing, always and already awake, and all form as appearing within and as this no-thing.

There was no individual or being, so no being that needed liberation. There was only this brilliant, clear no-thing, happening as awakeness and form, temporarily taking itself to be a small portion of what appears within form… a human being. (Which is also imagined – an appearance created from what happens in the sense fields and brought together into a moderately coherent gestalt in the mental field.)

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