Pointers for relating to the path

As with anything else here, this is basic and almost childishly simple… which most important things are. And it is what I need to explore it seems.

Some pointers for relating to the path that I find useful…

  • projections
    • find what I see out there – in the future/past/others – right here now
    • a remedy for getting caught up in wanting or expecting something in the future, or getting caught up in comparing myself with others or my own past
  • curiosity, humility, generosity
    • curiosity
      • curiosity, interest, receptivity
      • a willingness to experiment, to see what happens and learn from it
      • a remedy for getting closed down, for getting caught in a sense of drudgery or practicing out of fear or a sense of duty or to get something
    • humility
      • a willingness to be wrong, to find that my most cherished beliefs may be wrong (which they certainly are)
      • a remedy for getting stuck in rigid beliefs
    • generosity
      • live my life for the benefit of all beings, a life of service
      • practice for the benefit of all beings
      • a remedy for getting discouraged and for a too narrow view of my own life
    • gratitude
      • gratitude for life, as it is
      • a remedy for just about anything, including all of the above

Each of these come out of a path, but can also be shifted into at any time.

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