Process Work and the one-sided coin

I used to wish that Process Work would include the other side of the coin. PW is great for working with what happens on the form side, but leaves out the emptiness/awareness side. They even interpret terms that refer to Big Mind (form + emptiness) as only referring to what happens in form!

(For instance, “nondual” is sometimes used to refer to a whole that embraces a particular polarity within form. It is fine to use the word that way, of course, but it has little to do with how the terms is used in other traditions.)

As always, the advice is for myself. I am the one who needs to include both, and find a good deal of satisfaction in including and exploring both sides of the coin. (They are really the same, but it makes sense to differentiate them somewhat here.)

And I also see the benefits in PW only relating to the form side. It leaves the space open for me to explore the full coin on my own, and what PW means for me in that context. It may make it more accessible for some. After all, if we (temporarily, mistakenly) take ourselves to be an object within form (experience), it is much easier to relate to an apporach that focuses on form. It leaves space for others – now and in the future – to explore PW in the context of the full coin. Finally, it leaves it free to develop outside of that context and free of that context, and valuable things may come out of it that wouldn’t otherwise have happened.

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