Volume buttons

I find it helpful to think of facets of reality as having volume buttons. Each one can turn itself up or down, and they operate independently of each other – although sometimes in what appears to be mutual influence.

Emptiness can be way in the background and on low volume, as it is when we are caught up in beliefs, take ourselves to be an I with an Other, and form appears substantial and real. And it can be in the middle ground, at medium volume, as it is for me now. Or it can be in the foreground at at high volume, as it can be when the sense of a separate I falls away.

Oneness can similarly be at different volumes. And the same with a sense of love. A sense of brilliant luminosity. The luminous darkness. Alive presence. A sense of a separate I. And so on.

And for each of us, if we mapped this over time, we would see how each one oscillate, how they together create an infinite variety of experiences, and how what we are is untouched by any of it.

What I am is that which all of this happens within and as.

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