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The standard (geographically correct and winner-takes-it-all) election maps look like a lot of red and some blue at the fringes. We know it gives a false impression, so how can it be represented in a more accurate and informative way? Here is a collection of adjusted election maps.

The one above shows the results by county, adjusted for population, and the democrat/republican ratio is indicated by color. A larger population means a larger area. Blue means strongly democrat, purple means closer to 50/50, and red means more strongly republican.

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  1. Yes. And I was struck by how it looks like a blue background/base with some red gossamer filaments on top.

    This election reminds me of the cultural creatives research. Doing surveys and interviews over two or three decades, they found three main groups: Traditionals (conservative values and republicans mostly.) Moderns (more science oriented, liberal and democrats mostly.) And Cultural Creatives (people creatively weaving together their interest in human rights, holistic health, sustainability, community).

    In the US, they found about 50% moderns and 25% each of traditionals and cultural creatives. (Not always reflected that way in elections, for different reasons.)

    The most interesting thing they found is that the traditionals lose people to the moderns and shrink in size, and that moderns lose people to the cultural creatives, which is the only group that increases in size.

    It sounds like wishful thinking – at least for people like us, but does match the progression found in developmental psychology (although we can’t directly transfer individual development to groups), and the trends in western history in general.

    A few years back, the researchers/authors mentioned how they expected to see a Cultural Creatives president within one or two decades, and Obama fits quite well. (And came a little sooner than most of us expected!)

    More about Cultural Creatives here:

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