Flavors of don’t know

Some flavors of don’t know…

I don’t know in a conventional sense. I am unfamiliar with something.

I don’t know because I really don’t know. I can have any number of stories about something, and they may be functional, fit my stories about the data and others may agree, but I really don’t know.

I don’t know because what I am – and reality – cannot be touched by stories. Stories have temporary and practical value only.

The first one can be there to various degrees. I can be more or less familiar with something. And the two others are there no matter what.

Initial outline…

  • don’t know
    • conventional sense (unfamiliar with)
    • w/in stories (always limited)
    • as what I am (reality cannot be touched by stories, recognized as having temporary and practical value only)

I don’t know because stories are always limited and come from limited experience. They are only one of many interpretations and views, and many may make more sense to me than the ones I am familiar with.

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