Simple and juicy

If many of the topics here seem simple, universal and life 101, it is because they are…! It is when I explore them for myself that they become juicy, sometimes reveal a great deal of detail, and can invite in some quite noticeable shifts.

Thought may say some variation of that is obvious: It is too general and universal. It makes you look naive. There is too much repetition here. Why not explore something that is more interesting at a thought level?

But I still keep coming back to it, for what is revealed when it is explored with some sincerity and receptivity.

As a thought itself, what I write here has little or no value. But as a pointer for exploration of what is alive here now, it is quite different.

And that is how it is with any thought, whether it (appears to) come from myself or someone else, and independent of its content.

As a thought itself, it is just a thought. As a belief – something to take as true or reject as false – it creates stress. As a question – explored with some sincerity and receptivity – it may have a great deal of value.

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