So general it can be applied to anything

Sometimes, someone will say it is so general it can be applied to anything. 

And I say to myself, great, that means I am onto something. 

In my experience, the most valuable pointers are exactly those that can be applied to anything. They are simple. And when applied to a specific situation, yield a great deal of insights. They are meaty. 

Here are some of the ones I find especially helpful…


  • Any statement is a question. An invitation to explore it for myself. 
  • Whatever I see in the wider world is something I can find right here. I can feel it. See it. Right here. 
  • Whenever there is stress (a sense of I-Other, separation, something to defend) there is a belief. What is more true for me than that initial belief?
  • And right now: Whenever I notice a belief (reactiveness, something to defend, a fixed position, emotional reactivity), where do I feel it in the body? What happens when I meet and welcome that feeling? If there is a fear behind it, what happens when I meet and welcome that fear? 
There are also many minor ones, such as that any teaching is level and audience specific. It is appropriate in a particular situation and for a particular audience. (The spark for this particular post.) And if my interest is drawn in that direction, I can of course explore the details of this as far as I want. 

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