Welcoming the fear behind beliefs

Another exploration I find interesting right now…

Notice a belief. A story that seems true. A fixed position. An emotional attachment.

What is the experience of that belief?

Where do I find it in the body? What are the sensations?

Quietly meet those sensations. Welcome them as they are. Allow them to be here, with a friendly interest and curiosity.

Is there a fear behind the belief or emotional attachment?

If so, quietly meet that fear. Welcome it as it is. Allow it to be here with a gentle interest and curiosity.

What happens to the impulse to create a belief or go into an emotional attachment? Does it stay? Fade? Fall Away? Whatever happens is OK. Just notice and stay with that too.

It is the felt sense that is important here. What is the feeling of a belief? If i find a fear behind it, what is the feeling of that fear? What happens when it is welcomed as it is? What happens with the belief?

it is easy to go into stories about this… Resistance to fear creates the impulse towards taking stories as true. When that fear is noticed and welcomed, the impulse falls away. And so on. But that is not important here, other than as a preliminary guideline for the exploration. What is important is what is found in a felt sense.

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