Welcoming the feeling of a doer

I am enjoying a simple exploration these days…

Notice a sense of a doer – in whatever form it takes here now. (Observer, thinker, chooser, explorer.)

Where is it in the body? What are the sensations?

Quietly meet the sensations. Welcome them as they are. Stay with it. Explore with a gentle curiosity. Friendly interest. An appreciation for these dynamics as they are, and the mystery behind it. The beauty of it.

Notice if it shifts. Then stay with that.

Initial outline…

  • notice a sense of an I with an Other
  • notice where it is in the body + the sensations
  • quietly meet the sensations
    • welcome them as they are
    • stay with it, explore
    • gentle curiosity, friendly interest
    • appreciation for the mystery behind it, the amazing phenomena of creating a sense of I-Other

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