World as mirror

A few ways the world is, in a lose sense, a mirror…

First, I can notice the overlay of images on all of the sense fields. These images interpret the sense fields, and are – in a very real sense – the world I relate to. Whenever I see a quality or dynamic in the world, what I am seeing is what an image tells me is going on. I am seeing, and relating to, my own overlay. So in that sense, what I am seeing in the world is my own overlay right here.

If I take this overlay as real and substantial, it appears to be inherent in the world. I project it out on the world and take it as real out there. When I notice the overlay itself, for instance through sense field explorations, I see that it is a creation of my own mind. It is, quite literally, imagined. It can be very helpful for functioning in the world, but it is also imagined and happening right here.

What I see in the world is a mirror of my stories of it right here. When the world is brought into stories, those stories are right here.

Then, I also find that whatever those stories point to is something I can find right here. The dynamics and characteristics they tell me about is something I can find right here in my own human self. I recognize something in the wider world, or in the past or future, and it is right here too.

When I see it only out there, and overlook it right here, it is easy to get blindly caught up in projections. I see desirable and undesirable qualities out in the wider world, or in the past and future, and not also right here, so I get blindly caught up in attraction and aversion. When I recognize those qualities and dynamics also right here, there is more of a freedom from being caught up in blind attractions and aversions. After all, what I see in the wider world is also here. I find myself as less needy. Less of a victim.

Finally, there can be the noticing of whatever happening as Ground, as already empty/awake. It is all God without any I and other. God is a mirror for itself.

There are many ways to explore each of these, and one that gives a direct recognition of each is exploring the sense fields. By exploring the sense fields, I can notice the image overlay that is on top of anything happening. I find what these images point to right here as well. And I find myself as that which all of it is happening within and as.

Initial outline…

  • world of images – see my own overlay of images/imaginations (stories, interpretations, questions)
  • in terms of what those stories point to, can find right here (characteristics, dynamics)
  • all what I am

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