Actions show what I act on, what is a priority for me

Again, it is quite simple and maybe obvious. And when I explore it in my own life, it can be very juicy.

My actions show what I act on. What I value. What I take as important. What is a priority to me.

Sometimes, it comes from a belief. Fear. Shoulds. Identifications.

And sometimes, it comes from my heart. Intuition. What is fulfilling to me.

When there is a release from the belief, there is freedom to act from my heart.

And this is a practical pointer. I watch my actions. Find what I act on. Notice that those are my priorities. Ask myself what the effects are of acting on those. What I fear would happen if I didn’t act on those. How I would act if I was free from those. Free to act on my heart and my more sincere desires.

This can be especially helpful if I feel dissatisfied, off track, stuck, not fulfilled, a lack of meaning. How do I act? What do those actions tell me about my priorities? What happens when I act on those? What do I fear would happen if I didn’t? How would it look if I acted from my heart, from what is more sincere and true for me?

This helps who I am, this human self, in living a more meaningful and fulfilling life. I may stay in a situation (work, relationship, location) that is not fulfilling to me. Notice that I do so because safety and relative comfort is a priority to me, more than following my heart. Recognize that it brings me exactly that, a sense of safety and relative comfort. And also that it doesn’t work in terms of bringing me happiness or fulfillment. Explore what I more sincerely desire. How would really like to live my life? And then explore what prevents me from acting on what is more true for me. Which identifications with stories and identities stops me from following my heart? What do I fear would happen if I didn’t act on those stories? What is more likely to happen?

And it also clears the way for what I am to more easily notice itself. I may notice I tend to get absorbed into stories, into a sense of being a victim, of not being awake, of conflict and stress. So those are my priorities. Stories in general are my priorities, and these stories in particular are my priorities. What happens when I act on those? Does it get me what I sincerely desire? What do I sincerely desire? What is more important to me? What would happen if I acted on that instead? How would it look? Feel?

As I sincerely explore this, in detail as it shows up in this life here and now, sometimes over and over, each time different and fresh, there is the invitation for a shift. A shift out of old identifications and into the possibility of acting on something different.

Trigger: Adyashanti mentioning this in a talk.



Here is another simple pointer. One that may seem obvious and naive, yet can yield a great deal of insights and changes as I apply it to my own life.

What I value is reflected in my actions, not in my words.


  • actions reflect what I act on, what I value, take as important, a priority to me
    • sometimes, from a belief (fear, should, identifications)
    • sometimes, from heart, intuition, what is fulfilling
    • when released from belief, free to follow heart


  • actions reflect what I value
    • look at my actions to find what I value, learn from my actions
    • act on beliefs
      • fears, shoulds, mind made boundaries
    • follow my heart, intuition, what is fulfilling
    • when released from beliefs, available to follow my heart

one aspect of it…

  • have to > want to
    • clarify, more honest, action and view more aligned
    • I have to, b/c… > I want to, b/c… (whenever I do something that I complain about, does not feel fulfilling or right)
    • within that clarity, more free to change action, view, or both


  • stay in a situation b/c get something out of it
    • get sense of security, comfort
      • doesn’t give fulfillment, happiness
    • avoid fear, sense of insecurity, sense of discomfort
    • don’t follow my heart, what gives me happiness, fulfillment


  • actions show what we value
    • feel unfulfilled, off track, etc.
      • look at…
        • what our actions show we value
          • secutiry, comfort, not rocking the boat
          • what does this get me, what happens when I act on these values
        • and what we would like to value (and really value below the beliefs)
          • following our heart, fulfillment, love
          • what do I fear could happen if I act on this, what is more likely to happen
      • values from beliefs
        • what really value: following heart, fulfillment, etc.
        • beliefs (caught up in stories, identities, fear)
        • act on what beliefs value

  • easy to notice
    • e.g. students caught up in stories, spinning, w/out receptivity to what the teacher is trying to point out (including by being silent while the student goes on)
      • is a reflection/expression of being caught up in stories, not being receptivive to noticing what we already are
      • I do the same when I am caught up in stories (the only difference, may not demonstrate it in that particular way)
  • we all do it
    • we all do it to the extent we are caught up in stories, take stories as true (value being caught up in stories, identities, fear, what stories tells us we must do)
    • we all value stories over following our heart, intuition, what is fulfilling, etc. to some extent (until we don’t)

2 thoughts to “Actions show what I act on, what is a priority for me”

  1. Hello, and Thank You for making your knowledge available for people like me to read, explore and clear up any misunderstandings that have been lurking in my life. As I look at the lives of some people around are living as well as the ones that are barely starting to know what living life is(kids/Family) and have a long way to go as do I. I wonder to my self why am I still here. I can’t imagine how betrayed everyone would feel when they realize what I really have done with myself. It is hard to not want be around when our younger ones take over from where we left or start over because life and love demands it. When I interact with most of the younger kids, mostly my immediate family I stop and think to myself and realize, wow they don’t make them like they used to. I can’t believe how smart these kids are and they are so young. The only thing that has kept me alive is the smile I see on those kids’ faces and cries when I leave and also knowing that they will be there tomorrow waiting for me with a smile on their face as they greet me. Once again I thank forgiving me some insight as to ways to go with my life.

    Ramiro Madera

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