Crazy talk

I sometimes see teachers being asked convoluted and long-winded questions, and students making themselves unavailable to the clarity of the teacher by continuing to be caught up in them. And sometimes, I see people on the street talking to themselves in crazy ways.

In both of those cases, there is gratitude because it is a reminder of what is happening here when I get absorbed into stories. I tell the same stories to myself, over and over. I rehearse them. Elaborate. Flesh them out. Cycle through them over and over. Make myself unavailable to the clarity that is already here.

In other words, attention goes to the knot, inviting me to see it. Inviting me to inquire into it. What is the belief? What happens when I get caught up in it? What is more true for me? Can I find myself as that which is (already) not caught up in it?

When do I get caught up in stories, making myself unavailable to the clarity that is here?

Trigger: Watching a video with Adya, and listening to some of Adya’s students asking questions.

Initial outline…

  • students, caught up in stories (long, convoluted, confused, absorbed into)
  • crazy person on the street, talking to themselves
  • I do the same, whenever I am caught up in stories
    • whenever I take them as true
    • attention goes to them
    • rehearse them, elaborate, go over and over the same stories

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