Layers of experience

A few layers of experience…

There is awake emptiness. Experience happening as awake emptiness.

There is a quiet joy inherent in experience itself. Independent of its content.

There can be a kindness towards experience. Independent of its content. Including myself and others.

There is a quiet voice. Intuition. An invitation from the heart. A quiet guide for my human self in the world.

And there is my ordinary human experience. A sense of being fulfilled or not. And much more.

All of these are sometimes more in the foreground and sometimes more in the background.

All is awake emptiness, whether it notices itself or not. The quiet joy seems to be there, no matter what happens, and is more easily noticed when there is some release from being blindly caught up in drama. The kindness towards experience can be invited in, shifted into. I can pay attention to the quiet voice and act on it, or not, and notice what happens.

And in terms of my ordinary human experience, I can relate to it in the ordinary ways… including finding ways to be more fulfilled. And also notice what is different when the three first are noticed or not. And what happens when the quiet voice is followed or not.

Initial outline…

  • awake/emptiness
  • quiet joy in experience itself
  • love for experience (kindness for myself/others)
  • heart, quiet voice
  • human level
    • fulfilled or not

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