Mind made in two ways

Here are two ways the world is mind made…

First, through ordinary projections.

There is a story here about the world. An overlay of images that creates my world and guides how my human self functions in the world. All drama happens within these images. If I get caught up in it, it all seems very substantial and real. When I recognize this overlay as it happens, this overlay is just a set of innocent questions about the world and sometimes a temporary guide for action. 

My world, as represented by these images, is mind made. It is a mind made overlay on the sense fields. 

The world is also mind made in another sense. In the divine mind sense. Everything happening in all of the sense fields is Ground imagining itself into form. Evolving. Always new. Different. It is Existence manifesting, experiencing and exploring itself as form. 

So at the levels of who and what we are, the world is mind made. First, as ordinary projections. Then, as Existence itself imagining itself as and into form. 

Initial outline…

  • mind made 
    • ordinary projections
      • if caught up in, then blind projection
      • if recognize here, then more awake projection
        • use as a guide, an innocent question about the world
  • all mind made
    • mind made in terms of images here about the world
    • and mind made in terms of the divine mind, big mind, imagining itself into form

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