What is Buddha?

Buddhist teachers like to give surprising answers to the question what is Buddha?

Three pounds of flax seed. A shit covered stick.

And sometimes, just twirling a flower.

It may sound clever. Or cute. Or confusing. Or even deep.

But it can be very simple.

Each of these – flax seed, shit, twirling a flower – is awakeness itself.

The question is, what is Buddha? And the answer is literal, pointing directly to the Buddha. To a form that is awakeness itself.

It is the simplest, most direct answer possible.

Initial outline…

  • what is buddha?
    • three pounds of flax
    • shit stick
    • (a twirled flower)
  • literal truth, each of these are awakeness itself
    • may sound clever, cute, confusing if don’t recognize in immediate awareness, but very simple and clear if do recognize

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