Aligned with reality

What does it mean to grow and/or wake up?

A simple answer is that it is an alignment with reality.

Growing up as who I am, as this human self in the world, has several aspects. And each of these has to do with aligning a little closer with reality.

I learn to find here what I see out there, in the wider world and in past and future. And this can be a gradual process. I find more and more here of what I see out there. I become more and more familiar with it. My human identity embraces and includes more and more of it. I become more comfortable with it.

I realize that I don’t know. I don’t know anything for certain. This too can be a gradual process. I can realize that I don’t know in more and more areas of life, and with more clarity.

I learn that situations are workable. No matter what happens, I can relate to it in a way that is more helpful. And here too, more and more situations can be included in what is workable, and I can get more familiar with how they are workable.

There is a receptivity here. A receptivity of view, heart and belly. A receptivity to finding the grain of truth in any story. A receptivity of heart towards myself and others, no matter how we show up. A receptivity of belly, to the nurturing fullness that comes from the two other forms of receptivity.

There is more humility, gratitude and compassion. Humility because I find here what I see out there, and because I realize I never know anything for sure. Gratitude for life itself, as it is. Compassion because I see myself in others, and realize that I don’t need to defend identities or stories.

This growing up can happen when I take a sense of separate I as what I am, or not. It can continue either way. Deepen. Become more seasoned.

And waking up is one thing, it is the realization that there is only God. It is reality waking up to itself, out of the temporary and mistaken identity as a me (human self) and separate I (an I with an Other).

The me (this human self) is content of experience. The sense of a separate I (a doer or observer) is content of experience. And what I am does not come and go, it is not content of experience. It is that which all experience happens within and as.

There is only God. The sense of a me and I are gestalts only. When reality takes center stage, they are no longer taken as what I am. The identification goes out of them.

In both growing and waking up, there is an alignment with reality. In growing up, it is endless. It can always go further. In waking up, it can appear as a process, but it can also be like flipping a switch. And it is endless in how it is lived, in refining and maturing in how it is lived through this human self living in the world.


Initial outline…

  • aligned with reality
    • growing and waking up
    • growing up
      • find here what I see in the wider world
      • stories as mental field imaginations, functional but not true
        • don’t know, never know for sure
      • situations workable, a gift, life itself
      • receptivity
        • view (flexible), heart (kindness), belly (nurturing)
      • humility, gratitude, compassion
        • humility, b/c find here what see out there + don’t know
        • gratitude, for life as it is
        • compassion, b/c see oneself in others, receptivity
      • can happen when take a sense of separate I as what I am, or not (continue either way)
    • waking up
      • only God
        • the sense of a separate I (a doer, observer, etc.) is also content of experience, as all other content of experience
        • what I am does not come and go, is what content of experience happens within and as
        • there is only God – sense of a me and I are gestalts only, not identified with anymore, not taken as what I am (not the final word on what I am)

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