Dream: Homeless man


I am in charge of inviting people to a New Years party. As the party is about to start, I see a homeless man there, apparently inviting himself. Even for a homeless man, he seems to be at the bottom of the heap. I ignore him, hoping he will go away on his own, and mentally prepare to do what is needed to have him leave. A woman welcomes him wholeheartedly and without reservation. I am surprised by how she is so unreserved in welcoming him, and even more surprised when I realize that he is fully awakened and lives it with a great deal of life experience and wisdom. Far more than just about anyone else I am aware of. Other homeless people show up, and are now welcomed wholeheartedly as well, by me and others there.

This is another classic dream. A homeless man shows up at a party. I am about to throw him out. A woman welcomes him without reservation. He turns out to be fully awake, and lives it in a very mature way.

What do I treat as a homeless man? When do I try to ignore or push experience away? What happens if I welcome it wholeheartedly and without reservation? Can I notice that it is awakeness itself?

My conscious attitude is to sometimes push away certain experiences. A feminine aspect of me welcomes it wholeheartedly. And when that happens, it is easier to notice it – and anything happening – as awakeness itself.

The dream may also say something about the wisdom that is available from allowing the least acceptable experiences. Or, in the context of my human self, of owning my shadow.

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