Everything you know about God is wrong


Everything you know about God is wrong.

Another example of how valuable pointers can come from any source, including book titles.

What are my stories about God? (Or Buddha Mind, Big Mind, Divine Mind, Brahman, Tao.) Are they true? What happens when I take them as true? What do I get from holding onto them? Do they give me a sense of safety, security, a sense of knowing what is going on, an identity? Who would I be without them? What is the grain of truth in their reversals?

Stories about God, as stories in general, can be very helpful as pointers and questions. They can provide practical guidance for action and inquiry. And taken as a question, they can help dislodge identification and act as an antidote to a particular story I take as true.

This goes for any of my stories about God – including the apparently most sophisticated maps, models, stages and so on from the most respected traditions and teachers. Taken as true, they close my world down and become an identification with a view and identity. Taken as a question, they open up.

And this goes for any story at all, since they are all stories about existence and God. I place my own requirements and demands on reality. And they all create imagined boundaries for reality that reality is not going to follow.

As the saying goes… don’t limit God. And even that is a question.

Which itself is a question.



Initial outline…

  • everything you know about God is wrong
    • echo the common advice, don’t limit God
    • any idea about God is wrong
      • if cling to, then a delusion, false God, idolatory
        • cling to for identity, feel safe, secure, know what is going on, etc. (all false)
        • can happen in any tradition, and does happen whenever there is identification with any story, whenever any story is taken as true (including the story of a separate I)
      • if use as pointer, can be very helpful
        • a medicine for a specific condition
        • an antidote for a fixed position, help losen it up

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