Experience of time

Our experience of time is fluid… expanded, condensed, not there at all. 

This morning seems like ages ago. And there is no gap between now and what happened decades back. 

When I do bodywork, seconds and minute details can unfold worlds of experience, yet a session is over in the blink of an eye. 

Noticing this fluidity in our experience of time is an invitation for inquiry. 

What is this experience of time? What do I find when I look into it?

Do I find past and future as mental field creations only? Do I find past, present and future as one package, all happening within the mental field?

Memories strung together. Scenarios of the future. Images of the present. All tied together into one seamless experience of time, and completely fluid and mallable because it is all imagined. No gap to something that happened years ago. An infinity of experience in a second. All happening within and as timelessness. 

In noticing this mental field overlay creating the experience of time, I notice all happening as timelessness. 



  • experience of time
    • fluid, changes
    • invites us to explore experience of time
    • mental field overlay
      • past, future, present (same package)
      • sense of space created the same way
      • gestalts, including me + I



Here are a few flavors of experience of time. They may all apply to the same situation, and each is in the foreground or background at different times. 

There can be a sense of expanded time. Of seconds and minutes and minute details unfolding worlds of experience. And hours may still go by in a flash. This especially happens for me when I do body-centered practices. 

Something that happened recently seems to have happened ages ago, and something that happened years ago seems like yesterday. 

And whatever happens is timeless now. Is awakeness itself, with an overlay of images. 

All of these are really questions. What creates an experience of time? 


Initial outline…

  • experience of time
    • flavors
      • here now, a world (expanded, rich in details, opening up)
      • a chunk of time, gone by in a flash
      • seems to be ages, centuries since…
      • an experience of no time at all since…
      • all happening within/as timeless now + time (past, future) within own world of images
    • each one in foreground/background (volume up/down)
    • this weekend
      • bodywork workshop, here now as a rich world of details, expanded sense of time (curiosity, receptivity)
      • workshop went in a flash
      • seems to be ages since where there last + left for the workshop
      • all happening as what is, timeless now
      • all ideas of past, future, present + relationships among them happening within own world of images

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