Forgive oneself

One of the basic pointers in growing and waking up (or at least align with awakening) is to forgive oneself. 

When I forgive myself, I forgive – and heal – images of myself. Images from specific situations in the past, and images of aspects of me here now. 

And forgiving myself and others mirror each other. How I relate to one is how I relate to the other. 

It all happens within my own world of images. The wounds, healing, forgiveness all happens within my own world of images. 

It all reflects qualities and dynamics right here, in this human self. 

It is all what I am and what everything/one is. 

Through this, I can heal and mature as a human self in the world. 

And my conscious view and life is more aligned with what I am. My life is a little more aligned with what I am everything already is. 

That alignment can happen even if what I am does not notice itself. It can happen while it notices itself and identification is still in stories and (parts of) content of experience. And it can happen in the context of awakeness awake to itself, and identification shifted out of stories and into the field of awakeness/form.  

Some ways to invite in forgiveness…

I can shift into forgiveness, allowing what needs to be forgiven to soak in it (as in the Big Mind process). 

I can find beliefs around it and inquire into them. In finding what is genuinely more true for me, I may notice that forgiveness is already there. 

I can allow and be with experience, with the emotions and emotional attachments around it. This in itself is an act of compassion and forgiveness. 



  • forgive oneself
    • healing images of oneself in the past
    • healing self + others, b/c mirror each other
      • forgive self = forgiving others, forgive others=forgive self (how relate to one is how relate to the other) 
      • all within my own world of images (wounds/healing, relationships etc.)
      • all reflecting qualities and dynamics right here
      • all what I am + what everything/one is 
        • when come to terms with, forgive, appreciate, then concious view more aligned with this (all as awakeness)
    • basic part of growing + waking up
      • healing + maturing as who we are, this human self in the world
      • conscious view + life more aligned with what we already are 
    • ways to
      • shift into forgiveness, allowing what needs to be forgiven to soak in it
      • inquire into beliefs around it (the ones that sets up a situation that appears to need forgiveness)
        • when see what is more true for me around it, forgiveness is there
      • allow/be with experience, emotions and emotional attachments (with kindness + as is)
        • an act of forgiveness in itself


Initial outline…

  • forgive oneself
    • part of healing/maturing and waking up (inviting in + embodying/living what we are noticing itself)
    • forgive oneself first, then others (although the need to may fall away)
    • any story related to a wound, hangup (belief, emotional attachment)

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