I get it, they don’t

One of the basic ways we pretend is to attach to a story of I get it, they don’t, or its reverse I don’t get it and they do.

Of course, there is a grain of truth to both. They have validity in a conventional and very limited sense. But it pales in comparison to the ways it is not true.

Some of the ways it is not true, here specifically in an awakening context….

We are the truth. We and everything are truth. We cannot escape it.

And we all know. We know from daily experience, and we know from what we are. We all know, even if we don’t always notice, take it seriously, or take the consequences of it. We know that…

Resistance = struggle and drama. (When I resist experience, there is a sense of struggle.) Allowing = clarity, receptivity and release of struggle. What we are = everything happening and that which it happens within and as. (It all happens as awareness.) Stories = not true, in a conventional sense and also in the context of reality. (I never know anything for sure, and reality is more than and different from any story.) All = no thing appearing as something. (It is all ephemeral, insubstantial, awakeness itself.) What I see in the wider world mirrors myself. (I see myself in others, and it all happens within my own world of images.) All advice is for myself. (Whatever appears as advice for others is really for myself.)

And finally, those two perspectives are not true because there is only God. It is all the play of God.

There may be a me here, as this human self, who appears to get it or not. But there is no separate I anywhere.


Initial outline…

  • I get it, they don’t
    • a basic way of (pretending) to be out of alignment with what is
    • how it is not quite true…
      • we all are truth
      • we all know (from daily experience + as what we are)
        • resistance = struggle, drama
        • allowing = space, clarity, receptivity
        • what we are = everything happening + that which it happens within/as
        • stories = not true, in conventional sense + in context of reality (always more than/different from our stories)
        • all = no thing appearing as something (insubstantial, ephemeral)
        • all advice = for myself (see myself in the other + happens within my own world of images)
      • we all know, although sometimes…
        • don’t notice
        • don’t take seriously
        • don’t take consequences of
    • reverse, I don’t get it, they do
      • equally false
    • grain of truth in both…
      • only in the most limited sense
        • appearance of getting it/not getting it
      • a speck of dust
    • and finally…
      • not true b/c all is God, the play of God
      • no separate I to get it or not

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