Let Your will be done, and alignment with reality

The simple prayer let your will be done, comes from – and opens for – a great deal…

There is receptivity, to whatever is here. An innocence. Curiosity. 

There is an open heart, to myself, others and life. To whatever happens. 

There is gratitude, for whatever is here. 

There is don’t know. A shift into don’t know mind, and a recognition that that’s how it is. I really don’t know. Anything. I can use stories as tools, helping my human self function in the world. And there and with everything else, I really don’t know. 

And there is a reminder and acknowledgement that Your will is always done. God’s will is always done. The will of the Universe is always done. The will of life is always done. This is true in a conventional way, where our personal will is a drop in the ocean compared to the will of the universe and of life. And it is also true in that everything happening, including what appears as our personal will, is God’s will. Nothing is left out. 

The sincere and heartfelt prayer of Let Your Will Be Done invites in an alignment with reality. And as with koans, it is a funnel that everything is thrown into. My life. The whole world. Everything is thrown into it. 

Initial outline…

  • let your will be done
    • comes from, and opens for…
      • receptivity
      • open heart
      • gratitude
      • don’t know

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