No trace

Leave no trace.

It can mean all the usual things. Take care of your relationships. Clean up after yourself. Leave things as you found it or in better condition. Don’t use Earth’s resources beyond your share, and do your bit to help the ecosystems thrive. Leave enough for future generations.

And it is also a pointer to what is already here. What do I find when I explore this in immediate experience? Does anything leave a trace? If so, in what way?

What I find is that nothing ever leaves a trace. What happens in each of the sense fields is always fresh, new, different.

Any “trace” is only in the mental field as a memory, and that activity of the mental field happens here now. That too is new and fresh, even if it looks similar to (the memory) of a previous imagination.

And I can also explore where that idea of “fresh” comes from. Is it all within the mental field, comparing one image to another? What is alive in immediate experience, outside of the mental field overlay?

When I look a little closer, I see that even the idea of “fresh” comes through comparing one image with another. It comes from comparing an image of what is here now with an image of what was and may be. It all happens within the mental field.

What is alive in immediate experience is just what is. When I put it in words, I can say it is without past, future or present or even a timeless now. Without any ground. Free of center or periphery. No thing appearing as something.

And there is also that mental field overlay that can filter it in all these ways, with or without a past, future and present. With or without a center and periphery. With or without substance.


Initial outline…

  • leave no trace
    • conventional ways
      • relationships
      • daily life
      • ecology
    • also, notice that nothing ever leaves a trace
      • only leaves a trace as mental field memory
      • all fresh, new, different (god never repeats itself)

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