Flavors of love


Some flavors of love…

Awareness itself is unconditional love. It allows anything as it is. Resistance to experience, allowing experience. Clarity, confusion. Awareness awake to itself or not. All is allowed as a guest, as is. 

I can notice that awareness already and always is unconditional love. And when there is a shift into allowing experience, it is an act of love. It is a shift out of (identification with) resistance, into (more conscious alignment with) what I already am. 

Another flavor of love is what happens when awareness is awake to itself, and is lived through a human life. Living in a way that looks like love is then as natural as the right hand helping the left. (Especially if that human self is relatively mature and healthy.)

Then there are the different flavors of love as content of experience. A feeling in the heart. A felt sense of love. 

The first is independent of whatever happens in content of experience. The second is dependent of the “state” of awareness being awake to itself, and lived through a human life. And the third is a state. 

The first is always and already here. The second is a guest that comes and goes, depending on whether awareness is awake to itself or not, and whether there is a human self around or not. And the third is also a guest that comes and goes, often within quite short timespans. 

Initial outline…

  • love
    • awareness=unconditional love
      • allows everything as it is
      • when shift into allowing experience, an act of love (shift out of resistance, into what already am)
    • awareness awake to itself, lived through a human life
      • as natural as left hand helping the right
      • appears as love
    • state/experience
      • comes and goes as a guest (as does awakeness noticing itself or not, and awake to itself and lived through a human life or not)
      • play of what we are

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