What am I missing?

Whenever I have a story about something, I can ask myself what am I missing?

In a conventional sense, the stories I favor – and all the stories I am familiar with – miss just about 99.999%.

And any story is missing it 100% in the context of what I am.

Within the realm of stories, there are innumerable other stories that may be as or more helpful than the ones I am familiar with. They may be more helpful as guidelines for action, or pointers for exploration. They may fit my stories about the data better. They may be more comprehensive or nuanced. They may overall make more sense to me.

And within the context of what I am, stories are just stories. Mental field creations with only limited and practical function, as temporary guides for this human self to function in the world, and sometimes as an invitation for what we are to notice itself. They don’t begin to touch what is, even when they point to it.

Trigger: A blog comment asking am I missing something?, which is a reminder for myself. The question is of course what and not if, and when another says I don’t think you are missing anything that too is me… whenever I take a story as true.

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