What will happen in 2012?

Will the mysterious planet Nibiru enter the local solar system and wreak havoc with Earth?

Will the sun rise in conjunction with the milky way and strange things happen?

Will the completion of the thirteenth B’ak’tun cycle in the Long Count of the Maya calendar coincide with a major shift in collective human consciousness?

Will nothing special happen, proving the folks holding those beliefs as kooks?

2012 – like UFOs and other good projection objects – is fertile ground for exploration.

First, what are the practical effects of taking certain stories about 2012 as true or as guidelines for actions? Do I relate to others and myself differently? Do I become more or less engaged? Do I become more receptive or more entrenched in holding certain perspectives and identities? These stories are just tools anyway, so what type of tools are they and what are the effects of using them?

Then, whatever stories I hold about 2012 or others’ beliefs about 2012, I can find it all right here.

I can notice that it all happens within my own world of images. My own stories about it and what I see in others, the wider world and in 2012 is all happening within my own world of images.

I can find the characteristics and dynamics I see in others, the wider world and in 2012 right here as well. How do they happen right here, as I hold onto these stories? How do they happen in my life otherwise?

I can notice all as happening within and as awakeness.

Another way to explore this is to identify and inquire into my beliefs around 2012 and others holding certain ideas about 2012.

2012 is doomsday. 2012 means a major shift in human consciousness. People who think 2012 is doomsday or means a shift in consciousness are flaky kooks, with little or no grasp on reality and science. I know what will happen. My views are right. I am right, they are wrong.

When 2012 arrives, I can notice what happens whether my expectations are met or not. If my expectations are met, do I take it as proof that I was right all along? That I am better than others? If my expectations are not met, do I try to explain it away? Do I take it as an opportunity for inquiry?

Note: For all practical purposes, there is no reason to take any of the 2012 ideas seriously. They do not come from the Mayans but a random guy in the 1970s. They are not based in or supported by science or common sense. There is nothing special about whatever happens in the world now, it is just a typical slice of earth and human life. (Apart from one thing: We are at a turning point in terms of our relationship to the Earth. We are now facing the consequences of a view and economic system that do not take ecological realities into account, and either mend our ways, or face even more serious consequences for humanity and our civilization. Either way, there will be a big change there. But it will happen over decades and centuries, not in any single year.)


Initial outline…

  • 2012
    • effects
      • engagement (work on self, in world to prepare)/disengagement (sit back, wait)
    • explorations (can do whether take the stories seriously or not)
      • projections
        • notice the story, only here
        • find its content, what it is about (characteristics/dynamics) here
        • notice all as awakeness
      • find beliefs, inquire into them, find what is more true for me than the initial belief
      • notice what happens if my stories do not match (my stories about) what happens (expect something to happen and it doesn’t, or the other way around)
        • do I justify my initial stories/beliefs
          • if so, why, what do I try to get from it
        • do I take it as a pointer, invitation to explore, notice what is happening
          • explore my own projections, beliefs, etc.

4 thoughts to “2012”

  1. I wouldn’t put any money on anything out of the ordinary happening. As many have pointed out, it is no more of a big deal than arriving at December 31st in our calendar. The whole 2012 craze was invented by some guy in the 70s, not by the Mayans. And the natural disasters predicted have no hold in science whatsoever.

    It is far more interesting to look at how people relate to it. Why do some put their fears and/or hopes in it? What are the dynamics? What are their beliefs? How can I use it as a mirror for myself? When do I do the same?

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