Asking an emotion how it views the world

Whenever there is tension, stress, a sense of something off, reactivity, a fixed view, defensiveness, contraction, a sense of separation, complaining, seeing something only in myself or in others and so on, it is a reminder that I am caught up in a belief.

Sometimes, it is easy to find the story I attach to as true. It may be quite familiar to me.

But there are also other ways to find beliefs. For instance, I can notice an emotion, ask it how it views the world, and find the beliefs that goes with the emotion in that way. (This one is mentioned by Adyashanti in The End of Your World, and is similar to facilitation emotions as  Mona Grayson talks about it, and one of the many ways of using Voice Dialog and the Big Mind process.)

And in either case, I can find underlying beliefs by asking questions such as why? or what is not OK about that? (Suggested by Mona Grayson.)

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