Conventional views keeping it real

I find that there is a great support from conventional views. Here are a few that comes to mind right now….

Sanity looks sane even from a conventional view, and awakening is all about sanity. If my actions looks anything but sane to others and in a conventional view, and especially if I notice it as a pattern, it is a reminder for me to take a look at what I am doing. Which stories do I take as true? Which views are fixed? Where do I need healing and maturing? (There may be exceptions to this, where an action from clarity and kindness may appear less sane to others, but those are rare and very occasional.)

People don’t want to be made inferior or wrong. It may look like they are just protecting an exclusive identity, which is true. But there is also another reason: it is not true that they are inferior or wrong. We are all the play of God so completely equal there. Our views and actions are the play of God. Delusion and awakening, clarity and confusion, equally God and Ground. Within the realm of ideas, it is of course possible to create hierarchies and boxes of inferior/superior and right/wrong, and place actions into those. But those are only tools and have no truth to them.

People don’t want to be proselytized. Again, it may look like there is a defense of an identity. But there is also more to it: there is no need for it. There is absolutely no need for anyone to wake up. (For awakening to happen through certain individuals.) And yet, when the interest awakens, why not do what we can to support it, with whatever skills, clarity and kindness is available to us?

People like to hold onto beliefs and identifications, finding a safe imagined little world – that reality doesn’t conform to. It is a reminder for me to investigate my own beliefs and identifications, including about them, and find more clarity for myself.


Initial outline…

  • support from conventional views
    • sanity looks sane even from conventional view (healthy, mature)
    • don’t want to be made inferior, wrong, etc. (b/c isn’t)
    • don’t want to be proselytized (no need for)
    • not interested in awakening (no need for)
    • holding onto beliefs (reminder for me to inquire into mine, including about them, find clarity)

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