Dream: Meals for everyone

I am visiting back at Kanzeon in Salt Lake City. The center seems different each time I visit. This time, they have several large buildings, as before, but many more people. I arrive during lunch, and there must be more than a hundred people there eating together. Some outside, as me, and some inside in the buildings around. The meal is fresh, nourishing and made with care. It is a very diverse group, including many homeless or others who cannot afford regular and healthy meals, and who may also be hungry for the type of connection found here.

What stood out for me in this dream is the diversity of people, freshness of the meal, everyone eating together, an atmosphere of welcoming everyone as they are, and the generosity of spirit in offering regular meals to everyone.

The atmosphere was similar to what I experience when there is a generosity of spirit right here, including an allowing of any experience – as it is, as if it would never change, and meeting it with kindness, as an old friend.

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