Emotions and identity

I keep coming back to this one as well…

When emotions come up and I notice there is an emotional attachment there, I can ask myself:

What is the story that trigger this emotion? (Story, memory, scenario.)

Which identity is threatened by this story?

Which identity is inclusive of that story? Which identity fits with it?

And then shift into allowing that identity. Feel into it. Feel it in my body.

Staying with it. Allowing my self-image to reorganize and realign to include that identity.

By allowing a more inclusive set of identities, including the reversals of the ones already in my self-image, there is a relaxation and release of identification with any one of these. And this allows my human self to function a little better in the world. There is less sense of having to protect any particular identity (and if there is, a reminder to look at which ones are taken as more inclusive), and more sense of recognition and shared identities with others, whomever they may be. If I want to see what happens if identifications is invited to release even further, I can try – among other things – headless experiments or the Big Mind process.


One aspect of this is to allow identification with particular identities to release. And the other aspect, which this approach is more directly about, is to allow my self-image to include a wider range of identities, including the reversals of the ones that are already there. Allowing my self-image to be more and more inclusive helps my human self function in the world, whether these self-images are identified with or not.

A more inclusive set of identities allows identification with any one of them to relax and release, including – if I see it – the identity of having an inclusive set of identities. And I can also see what happens when the release out of identifications is specifically invited in, through for instance headless experiments and Big Mind.


Initial outline….

  • emotions (emotional attachment)
  • ask myself: which identity is threatened? which identity is inclusive of that story/memory/scenario?
  • and then shift into and allow that identity, feel into it, feel it in the body

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