Feeling more real

It can be fascinating to create and read lists such as “25 random things about me”, “music I like” and other ones popular on facebook and other places.

It helps others learn more about us. And when there is a mutual sharing of interests, there is an opportunity for all to expand what we are familiar with.

It is also an expression of the richness of human experience. Here is another way of experiencing the world, another flavor.

But it can also be another way to feel more real. A way to create and refine a particular identity, and then identify with it, take it as who I am, or even as what I am.

There is nothing wrong in that. And if I notice, I can investigate.

What happens when I identify with this identity? (Do I make it right? See it as better? Experience separation? Something to protect?)

Who would I be without identifying with it? (Enjoying what I like and dislike, without seeing it as anything more than that? Interested in other views? Recognizing how our likes and dislikes are products of each of our history?)

In what ways are the reversals of that identity also true about me? (For instance, if I am honest I see that I like just about any type of music, including music that may seem very different from that on the list.)

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