Hollow earth


I went into a bookstore earlier today and saw an interesting book on the history of the Hollow Earth ideas.

It is often interesting to explore these types of ideas, since they do not conform with mainstream views and so are more easily recognized as projections.

So what about the hollow earth ideas?

They reflect a fascination with mystery, with anything that makes life seem a little more magical. Life as is, is inherently mystery, but if we don’t recognize it due to a story of “life is mundane”, we try to add it to life. We project it out.

They may reflect a wish to poke the establishment. I know something that those in power, including scientists, either don’t know or try to cover up. It gives a feeling of I know, they don’t. The game is precarious in this case the hollow earth stories cannot easily be supported.

More interesting is our tendency to fill in white areas of the map, any map. We don’t know something, so project our stories in there to fill it in. In this case, it is a literal white area on the (3d) map since nobody has been down there to take a look. In other cases, we don’t really know in spite of lots of data and maps, and there too project stories and take them as real.

And we can work with the hollow earth stories as with any other stories we have. We can inquire into them. We can recognize them as part of our world of images. We can find their content right here now, and not (only) out there.

In a more traditional psychological view, subterranian may indicate the shadow. Something hidden below us, something here that doesn’t fit my story of what is, something that doesn’t fit my stories of who I am. And this can in some cases even include ascended masters – our inherent wakeness and wisdom.

Or since the Earth is a sphere and contains everything we are familiar with, all life and what life depends on, it can have to do with our wholeness as humans. The wholeness of our body-psyche which is a whole world in itself. Whatever I see out there in the world mirrors qualities and dynamics right here.

When I look at my own wholeness, I indeed find that it is alive (awake), it is spiritual (awakeness), it is mysterious (cannot know), it is terrible (shadow), it is hollow (no thing appearing as something). It is all that the hollow earth stories tells us about.


Initial outline…

  • hollow earth
    • fascination with mystery, with anything that makes life seem more magical (longing for a sense of magic)
    • horror vacui, filling in white areas on the map
    • subterranian = shadow, hidden
      • something hidden, below
    • earth = whole self, body-psyche whole
      • life where conventional views see inanimate rock/lava
      • alive, and also empty, open

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